Menstrual pain and painkiller

07 /19 2019
Many women experience cramps (menstrual pain) . The cause is usually having too many prostaglandins, which are chemicals that the uterus makes. These chemicals make the muscles of the uterus tighten and relax, and this causes the cramps.
  The most effective way of taking painkiller is to take it at the onset of pain and take regularly during the days you normally have pain. Painkiller can cause stomach irritation, so they are best taken with food,
  And taking hot bath or shower is also therapeutic because heat brings blood flow to your pelvic area, and that helps to relax the muscles causing cramps.

Pregnancy test

04 /27 2019
When should you take a pregnancy test? It’s recommended to take a pregnancy test within several days of missed period. A home pregnancy test can tell whether you are pregnant with almost 99% accuracy.
Home pregnancy test kit is available at pharmacies by the name : 妊娠検査薬 (にんしんけんさやく, ninshin kensa yaku) or妊娠判定テスト (にんしんはんていテスト, ninshin hantei testo). You can typically buy a single pack, or a pack of 2, and it will cost about 500 to 2000 JPY depending on the brand and type. Some of them has notice as “English explanation enclosed” on the surface of an exterior box.
If a pregnancy test shows you are pregnant, you should see your doctor for another test to confirm the pregnancy and talk about next steps.

Diagnosis of pregnancy and Maternal and Child Health Handbook

04 /27 2019
You need to visit a maternity clinic or hospital to confirm your pregnancy. And after your pregnancy has been confirmed by a doctor, you need to visit your local city hall to get a Maternal and Child Health Handbook ( “Boshi Kenko Techo” in Japanese).
You will need this handbook for:
1. your prenatal checkups
2. a birth certificate from the doctor
3. a record of your child’s vaccination record and other developmental milestones
You will also get some free prenatal checkup tickets with a Maternal and Child Health Handbook.

Decision on where you give birth

04 /27 2019
It is necessary for you to decide whether you give birth in Japan or in your country. If you choose childbirth in Japan, you need to make an appointment for delivery and prenatal checkup soon after pregnancy is confirmed. And if you choose childbirth in your country, you need to choose a clinic or hospital for prenatal checkup and make appointment.